Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tat Days 2017 - Florida Chain Gang

The theme for this year's Palmetto's Tat Days was Tat-a-Con and they were going to have a costume parade at the banquet. A friend and I decided that Con must be short for Convict and made out costumes accordingly.  My friend made the convict hats and came up with the ball and chain.  There's a ball of tatting thread in a plastic thread holder and I tatted a chain for the handle.

It was a big hit and we won first place. That night and the next day, everyone was making jail/convict jokes whenever they saw us.

We carried the theme through when we got back to Florida and picked up my dog. We joked that we broke him out of the big house (dog boarding). We even put one of the convict hats on his head. In the photo he's showing his appreciation for the jail break.

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Michelle said...

Haha! Wonderful! Wish I could have been there!