Friday, January 23, 2009

Sock Yarn Afghan

I have found an afghan that will use up all the leftover sock yarn. It's the Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang. It uses a mitered square. The pattern is on her blog. I've made my very first square. What's interesting about this afghan is there is no sewing of the squares. You knit the squares together as you go. I'm a member of a group on Ravelry dedicated to this particular afghan. Since this afghan takes a lot of different colored yarns, they have sock yarn swaps every month. This is certainly one of those afghans that will take a long time to complete. Because it's made with fingering yarn, it's very light. This afghan can also be made with worsted weight yarn.

I've also started crocheting the Cat Afghan for my grandson. I want to give it to him for either Christmas or his birthday.

The quilt bug has been nibbling at me again. I'll probably do some quilting while I'm knitting and crocheting. Usually I work on one craft at a time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snake Scarf

It's been a while since I last posted. The Winter 2009 term of the Harry Potter House Cup started in Ravelry. For my Defense Against the Dark Arts class, I knitted this scarf. The pattern is called Kureopatora scarf. I used 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon. From a distance it really looks like snake skin.