Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Some updates -- the Glenn Beck afghan was sent off. We have not received an acknowledgment that he received the box. I'm really disappointed. I would have expected at least a form letter thanking us. I won't participate in another afghan of that type. I donated squares to the Sarah Palin afghan and we didn't receive an acknowledgment on that one either.

In September I had thumb joint replacement surgery so it was really, really hard to do any type of crafting. I'm just now getting back to doing a little knitting. I'm working on the Sock Blankie until the Winter Term of the Harry Potter House Cup begins.

The pain of the carpal tunnel finally went away after 4-5 months. However, because of the carpal tunnel, I'm finding that I can only knit a few rows at a time and then I have to stop for the evening. Crocheting is only one or two rows before I have to stop. I can't just sit down and knit or crochet for the evening while I "watch" TV. I can't even spend time on the computer because my hand can't stay on the mouse for very long. This is all really frustrating. Hopefully the next time I post, I'll have better news that I can knit or crochet for longer periods of time.