Saturday, September 24, 2016

Off the Shuttles: Projects from Tat Days 2016

I'm a little late getting this posted.  The first item is a name tag.  The class was called Stellar Keepsake Pendant taught by Anita Barry.  The one I made at Tat Days was in Rainbow Taffy.  I made another one in Lizbeth Caribean, size 20. 

Another class was covering a cabone ring.  The class was called Ring of Flowers and taught by Paige Deputy.  I had attempted covering a cabone ring before but was not comfortable with the technique nor could I put it down because I got confused on the rhythm of making the double stitches.  Thanks to this class, I can now put it down if needed.  I used Lizbeth Autumn Spice, size 20.

I'm still working on the Interlaced Motif.  That's one that takes concentration.

Apparently this year I was to work on my split ring because 2 of my classes used that - Stellar Keepsake Pendant and Love 2 Tat.

As usual had a great time and can't wait for next year.  Meanwhile I have the Florida Tat Days in January to tide me over until September.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Off the Shuttle: Starlight Doily

I finally finished Starlight Doily #7688 and can be found on page 15 in Paragon Tatting Book 1.  A reprint of the pattern is located on page 7 in The Tatter's Treasure Chest.  I used Lizbeth #153 Rainbow Taffy and #604 Black. 

I will probably make this again but I'll use a different variegated color.  I'll also block it as I go from row to row.  I think that will make it easier to do the final blocking.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Off the Machine: Embroidered Shorts & Phone Charger Station

I forgot to post about these shorts when I finished them.  I finished them at the beginning of June.  I wore them at this month's Tat and Chat.

The back pockets:

The front pockets:

At the machine embroidery workshop today, we made a cell phone charger station.  The grommet is plastic so I don't have to worry about getting electrocuted.  I probably won't use it for that purpose. I'm not sure what I'm going to use if for yet.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Off the Machine: Clear Vinyl Bag

At this month's machine embroidery workshop we made a clear vinyl bag.  It was done completely in the machine.  It's 5" x 9-1/2". Basically the size of a pencil case.

I still have to pop out the top corners.  It was easy to do and didn't take very long to make.  I'll have to resize the bag in my software so I can make it on my machine.  I'm pleased with it.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Off the Needles: Scrubbie

When I was in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, I noticed this yarn called Red Heart Scrubby.  I bought a skein to try.  It has a rubbery plastic feel to it.  I held together 1 thread of Scrubby in color Ocean and 1 thread of Crafter's Secret Cotton in brown variegated.  I used size 8 knitting needles and it finished at 5".  It only took a few hours.  It's very stretchy.  I like my scrubbies to be smaller so I want to make another one that finishes at about 3".  I may also use a smaller size needle so it's more solid.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Strawberry Festival 2016

The Cobweb Doily won another blue ribbon.  This time at the Florida Strawberry Festival.  I'm really excited about it.  I didn't expect to win blue ribbons.  Pressure's on for next year, that's for sure.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

State Fair 2016

I'm so excited.  My cobweb doily was awarded 1st place at this year's State Fair.

I want to thank my friend, Joanne Wagner, for putting it in the picture frame and taking it to the fair for me.