Thursday, February 19, 2015

Candle Holder & Bib

I made this bib for my newest grandson.  I've used this machine embroidery pattern on 2 other bibs (for other people) but I just had to make one for my grandson.  I just think this turtle is so cute!  I did get some other terrycloth and prints so I can use other embroidery designs.

My experiment on putting lace on a candle holder is complete.  One lesson already learned - soak the price labels off first.

 I will have to find a glue that's easier to apply.  I used one of Aileen's glues and used a toothpick.  I learned you have to be careful and not get the glue where you don't necessarily want it.  I put one of those LED tealights in it.  It's ok but not the effect I was looking for.  I want the light to shine through the tatting.  I'll either get a votive-size LED candle or put in a smaller votive holder and try a real candle.  I'd be interested to see if the heat will melt the glue.

Or maybe I'll just fill it with those little candy bars. Now that's a fattening thought!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

I haven't been sitting completely idle all these months.  I finally finished the Clover doily in November and it's now at the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington, DC.

 I went to Italy in November and was completely surprised by the designs of the marble floors.  They were all quilt patterns.  It certainly changed my knowledge of quilt history in America.  I bought some Stonehenge fabric and I'm going to make a quilt based on some of the designs from the various floors.

I fell in love with the hedgehog fabric and just had to make a quilt for my 4th grandchild who is due to arrive in June. It's about 54" x 74".  It certainly has enough growing room built into it.  It still has to be quilted.