Friday, July 3, 2015

Cobweb Doily

I finished the Craftree's Cobweb Doily Tat Along.  I used Lizbeth thread in size 20 in colors 112 Carousel and 684 Leaf Green Medium.  The pattern is "Cobweb Doily No. 8150" by the  Spool Cotton Company.  The pattern can be found Tatting Doilies and Edgings by Rita Weiss and Tatting Book No. 111 by the Spool Cotton Company. It's a nice,  easy doily.  In size 20 thread, it's 5 1/4 inches wide.

In the machine embroidery workshop a few weeks ago, I learned how to make free standing lace. It was a lace spool of thread.  After class, I immediately started making lace angels.  I have been making these angels ever since.  I decided to make some for the Palmetto Tatting Guild's Teacher Appreciation Bags for the 2015 Tat Days since the theme this year is Angels Among Us.  What's nice about the machine embroidered lace is not having to change thread colors.  One you push the start button, 35 minutes later you have a tatted angel. Couldn't ask for anything easier.

This past Sunday afternoon I decided to tear apart the sewing room and the other room.  That meant moving super heavy rock maple furniture.  I put the second desk/vanity/dresser combo into the sewing room so I could put the embroidery machine on it while my sewing machine was on the other one.  That way, I can multi-task machine embroidery and sewing.  I moved the dresser from the sewing room into the other room.  Now to decide what will go into all the drawers.

The sewing room is slowing getting put back together. At least I can get to the two machines and ironing board now.