Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have completed 42 blocks and 1 triangle for a total of 843 pieces so far for the Dear Jane quilt. I have 213 blocks left to go. I think I'll work on some of the triangles while I still have some of this batch of brown fabric.

Saturday is the quilt show in Trenton. I and two of my friends will be dressed in Civil War attire and demonstrating period crafts. I'll be spinning wool. While I'm at the quilt show, I need to get more brown fabric for the Dear Jane quilt.

The quilt show will end my unit's reenacting season for this year and I'm ready to go down for the summer. The situation with the economy will determine if we continue next season.

I have completed 14 of the 30 squares needed for the Cat Afghan for my grandson. I was hoping to have the afghan finished by the end of this month for the Potions OWL in the Harry Potter House Cup but I'm afraid that's not going to happen. On one hand, I'm really, really disappointed. On the other, as long as the afghan's finished by November, I'll be happy.

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