Friday, January 25, 2013

Motif #7

It's taken me quite a bit to finish this little motif.  This is Medallion No. 128 from Corticelli's Lessons in Tatting, 1916, page 41.  I used Lizbeth #130 (Island Breeze) in size 20.

Although I could understand what it was I was supposed to do, I chose to first transcribe the pattern into modern notation.  I loaded up my shuttles and started tatting with a solid and a variegated. The solid was supposed to be the chains and the variegated the rings.  Somewhere along the line I switched the shuttles.  There was no way I could take out a couple rings and chains.

So, I started over and this time was very careful not to mix up the shuttles again.  Got all the way around on the last round and it didn't line up.  Talk about disappointment.  Meanwhile it's taken me 2 weeks to get this far.  Well, I went back to the original pattern and with magnifying glass in hand (for the photo), transcribed the pattern once  again.  Come to find out, I had made a mistake in my original transcription of the last round on where some of the joins went.  The pattern just says to join, it doesn't say WHERE to join.  You need the photo to figure that out.

This time I got out my size 7 tatting needle and with the new transcription plus a weekend, I got it done.

I'm also working on a collar. I'm at the beginning of the second row so it may take me a week or two to finish it. That will be Motif #8 when it's completed.

Thursday I took a Crazy Quilting class at the Fiber Art Store in Lake City.  I have the block pieced and it's now waiting to be embellished.  Photos to come at a later time. Next month we're going to learn how to embellish with beads.

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God's Kid said...

Very sweet motif!!! :)