Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hats Are Done

Hand surgery at the end of May kept me from doing very much in the way of crafts although I was able to sew on the sewing machine but that was all I could do.  So if it wasn't already cut out, I couldn't sew.  Once the swelling started going down and my fingers started working like normal, I would do a little knitting each night.

The Harry Potter Year 1 hats for Samantha and and her sister Jasmine are finished and are ready to ship.  The beret (top) is for Samantha and the beanie (bottom) is for Jasmine.  I hope they like them.  I made both hats in size medium.  I hope they fit.  It's hard making something for someone you haven't seen and have no idea what size they are.

The Project of Doom quilt was finished back in May. My block is on row 3 next to the owl block.

Now I can get back to tatting.  That is so much easier on my hand.

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