Thursday, February 19, 2015

Candle Holder & Bib

I made this bib for my newest grandson.  I've used this machine embroidery pattern on 2 other bibs (for other people) but I just had to make one for my grandson.  I just think this turtle is so cute!  I did get some other terrycloth and prints so I can use other embroidery designs.

My experiment on putting lace on a candle holder is complete.  One lesson already learned - soak the price labels off first.

 I will have to find a glue that's easier to apply.  I used one of Aileen's glues and used a toothpick.  I learned you have to be careful and not get the glue where you don't necessarily want it.  I put one of those LED tealights in it.  It's ok but not the effect I was looking for.  I want the light to shine through the tatting.  I'll either get a votive-size LED candle or put in a smaller votive holder and try a real candle.  I'd be interested to see if the heat will melt the glue.

Or maybe I'll just fill it with those little candy bars. Now that's a fattening thought!


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