Monday, September 27, 2010

Long Time

It's been a long time since I've posted to this blog. Life has kept me busy.

After 3 years I have cycled out of my knitting and crocheting phase and back into my first love -- quilting. Using the sewing machine doesn't seem to bother my hand as much. I've even been able to do some embroidery but not for long periods of time. A lot of it depends on how much time my hand has spent on a computer mouse.

I finally finished my grandson's quilt. I just have the binding to sew on and it's done. After all these years in quilting, I've never sewn on a separate binding. I've always folded the back over the front. Hopefully I won't have too much trouble.

I'm making a quilt for my daughter for Christmas. I'm even hand quilting it. I'm only quilting on the weekends after my hand has had a chance to rest. Thank goodness I'm not doing an intricate design. I'd never get it done in time. I'll have photos to post next time.


Rosella said...

Laurie! HELP! I am looking for the pattern for the stained glass window afghan you made! The link no longer works. I am pretty good at "faking" a pattern but just a quick question: Is this made up of 5 panels and alternating black yarn stripes and colored blocks? I am thinking that would work, them border those panels with black and attach them together. Can you remember abow how wide the panels were?

Laurie said...

Sorry it's taken so long for me to respond to your comment. I don't usually check the comments.

You can find the website with the pattern through the Wayback Machine at: