Sunday, December 25, 2016

Off the Shuttles: My First Ice Drop

Now that Christmas gifts have been given and opened, I had time to make my first ice drop. It's a really quick and easy pattern.  I just find it somewhat awkward tatting the last part of the last ring while holding onto the glass gem at the same time. I definitely have to work on not twisting my stitches at the last join. 

When Hobby Lobby opens tomorrow, I'll have to get some 1/8" ribbon and some other gem colors.  I've been wondering if the ice drop would have the same effect if were tatted in coordinating colors instead of white.  I may try that on the next one.

The step by step tutorial can be found here:


muskaan said...

Gorgeous blue -- like a deep blue sea! Very pretty

Laurie said...

Thank you Muskaan!